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Marine Month in Canada

Source: Ocean Group/Groupe Océan

Marine Month in Canada returns in October, 2024!

Canada has 243,000 kilometres of coastline and 20 percent of the world’s surface freshwater, and its rivers discharge close to 9 percent of the world’s renewable water supply. So much water allows for a diversity of marine industries which represent a source of economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Most young people in Canada, however, have never heard anything about its wide variety of careers. That’s what inspired Marine Month in Canada.

Over the next 10 years, 43 per cent of the current marine workforce is expected to retire. The Canadian marine sector will need to hire 19,000 workers onboard vessels and many more ashore to keep up with industry demand — workers with interests and skills in navigation, engineering, the environment, technology, security, logistics, professional services, tourism and trades. To spark curiosity, Canadian Geographic Education and the Canadian Marine Careers Foundation invite you to join us during the month of October to learn more about the industries, careers, sustainability initiatives, advanced technologies, adventures and fulfilling futures that are possible when you Imagine Marine.

Participation in Marine Month is free. The program is designed for Grade 5-12 classes in Canada, but all learners are welcome! Take a look at our schedule of live virtual events below, and download our learning activities to celebrate Marine Month in your classroom!

Schedule of events

All events are virtual and last approximately 40 minutes. Register for as many events as you like using the button at the top of this page! All educators and learners in classrooms, homeschools and informal educational settings are invited to join.

Note: if you are unable to join the live events due to a scheduling conflict, please register for events that you are interested in nonetheless. We will share recordings of the events which you can watch later at your convenience!


Note: classes will be able to ask questions on camera or via the chat, but if time runs out, they may also submit questions anytime after an event concludes! The staff at Can Geo Education will manage all communications, and will ensure your students get the answers they are looking for. Curiosity is encouraged! Submit all questions to [email protected] with reference to the event/organization in question.

2023 Educational resources

Want to extend your students’ learning? Our resources are digital and print-friendly! Below are eleven activities designed to be completed in 20 minutes, and to encourage students to use their STEAM skills.

2023 Recordings of past events


If you have questions about the Marine Month program, please contact us at [email protected].

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