Canadian Geographic Education


Ocean, Freshwater, & Us

Kit includes

  • Teacher’s guide
  • Hard copies of all learning activities
  • All required materials for 5 activities

Map dimensions

Gym Size

10.7m (35.1’) x 7.9m (25.92’)

Booking Period

15 days

This Giant Floor Map highlights the foundational connections between us and the ocean and fresh water that surround and sustain us.

This resource has been co-designed by a national team of partners to educate students, teachers, and the broader public on the connection we all have with water, regardless of where in Canada we call home. Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world and approximately 20 per cent of the planet’s freshwater resources. This resource inspires us to better understand and take action to protect local waterways and the global ocean. Highlighted on this map are Canada’s watersheds, which include flow arrows to show the direction water travels to the ocean, as well as Arctic sea ice extent. In addition to the water layers on the map, the human element (the “us”) is also prominently featured through conservation layers and the different types of marine and freshwater protected areas. Villages, towns, and cities (heavily weighted towards the southern parts of the country) are also included, as well as particular illumination of Indigenous communities, treaties, and Indigenous languages spoken across the entirety of what we now call Canada.

Accompanying this resource is a teacher’s guide that includes five engaging learning activities covering an array of topics such as biodiversity, climate change, the global ocean, marine conservation, and taking action. In addition to these learning activities, there is a unique and exciting opportunity to engage with the map using augmented reality. This type of technology will transform students’ learning and virtually transport them to specific Marine Protected Areas in Canada for deep underwater exploration. Curated videos from coastal communities and Indigenous Water Guardians, as well as 360-degree videos are also incorporated into the Ocean Canada augmented reality app. Additional map activation activities can also be found in the Resources section below.

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