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Storytelling is the oldest form of education and the ability to tell stories is the single most powerful weapon in a teacher’s arsenal. If educators are willing to search for them, there are stories in almost anything students may learn and ways to connect most stories to our students’ lives.

Storytelling is an important vehicle through which to engage with geography. Most stories are rooted in the physical and human geography of places. They allow us to connect with each other as human beings and to understand our connections to the natural world.

Through the power of storytelling, we can learn more about ourselves, our communities, and the world beyond our experiences, and can deepen our awareness of the issues, problems and potential solutions to the world’s complex problems at a variety of scales.

On Thursday August 19, 2021, Canadian Geographic Education invites you to explore the power of storytelling by attending its inaugural virtual Summer Conference.

Open to educators from kindergarten to Grade 12, “Geographic Literacy – The Power of Storytelling” examines the importance of storytelling through a diverse range of topics, with sessions focusing on:

  • Indigenous education
  • Applying Geotechnologies in the classroom
  • Developing an explorer mindset
  • Active global citizenship
  • Geographic thinking and inquiry
  • Outdoor education and fieldwork
  • Cross-disciplinary approaches to integrating geography into the curriculum
  • The power of maps in telling stories
  • Geography as a vital component of STEM

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