Canadian Geographic Education


Tiled Maps - Wild Migrations

This colourful map of North America, which features the migratory routes of 20 different North American species at risk, can now be downloaded, printed on 25-pages and used in your classroom. Teachers can also use the 10 curriculum-linked activities with the map and help students explore species migration, learn how animals are classified as at risk and be inspired to take action.


Wild Migration activities

Activity cards

  1. On the map
    Flag cards
  2. Moving on
    Teacher information card
  3. Classify This!
    Teacher information card
  4. Canadian Conservation
    Ecozone cards
    Conservation project cards
  5. Working Together
    Perspective cards
    Scenario cards
  6. Disaster Factor
    Natural disaster cards
    Migration impacts quiz
  7. How much is too much?
    City cards
  8. The three G’s: GPS, GIS and Geography
    Teacher information card
    Geography perspective cards
  9. Who’s Hungry
    *there are no activity cards for this activity.
  10. Discovering the Oceans
    Ocean current card
    La Niño and La Niña information card
    Aquatic quiz
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