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Explorer Mindset Teacher Toolbox

The following package is designed to provide educators with a better understanding of why geography is important and what it means to have an explorer mindset, as well as activities on ways to encourage students to explore and be curious. These activities will help your students question, examine, and reflect on what it is like to be an explorer and storyteller. Click the button below to download your teacher toolkit package.

Explorer Mindset

Part of being a geographer is having an explorer mindset. To be curious about the world around us and its processes and functions is the first step on the path to exploration. Curiosity is a foundational skill for all geographers and explorers. Adopting an explorer mindset means asking questions, making connections, and sharing what you learn with others.

The best way to encourage students to become explorers and develop an explorer mindset is to create an environment where they have opportunities to pursue their curiosity. Educators can do this in the classroom setting by first finding what subjects and topics students are passionate about and encouraging them to ask questions about them.


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