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Marine Month - Participant Feedback

Thank you for your participation in the 2023 Marine Month program!

The team at Canadian Geographic Education continuously strives to develop programs and resources that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of educators and students in Canada. We rely heavily on the feedback we receive from program participants to make modifications that ensure our programs are improving year after year. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

Upon completion of the survey, a complimentary package of merchandise and resources from the Canadian Marine Careers Foundation and Canadian Geographic Education will be sent to your school mailing address, as a token of our appreciation.

Section 1: General Information

Your name*
What are the grade levels of the students who joined you for Marine Month? *

Section 2: Attendance

For which presentations did you register your students? *
Did you and your students watch any presentations live? If so, which ones?
Did you register to attend any live presentations on camera (via StreamYard)? *
If you had to miss a live presentation, what was(were) the reason(s)?
Which recordings have you and your students watched via YouTube?

Section 3: Motivation

Why did you choose to participate in Marine Month with your students? *

Section 4: Presentation Feedback

Section 5: Usage of Learning Activities

Did you use any of the accompanying learning activities provided as part of the program? *
Were there any barriers or challenges that prevented you from using the learning activities?

Section 5: Additional Comments

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