Canadian Geographic Education


The Great Canadian Electricity Map

Kit includes

  • Hard copies of the teacher’s guide and student activity cards
  • Hard copies of the map legend
  • Ropes
  • Pylons

Map dimensions

Gym Size

11m (36.09’) x 8m (26.25’)

Booking Period

15 days

This Giant Floor Map highlights the Canadian electricity and renewable energy sector, as well as the exciting careers it offers.

The Great Canadian Electricity Giant Floor Map, codesigned in partnership with Electricity Human Resources Canada, highlights the diversity of energy sources in Canada and the complexity of energy production and transmission across the Canadian landscape. The Giant Floor Map also contains information about innovative careers in the electricity sector, from generation, transmission, and distribution, to energy efficiency, smart systems, manufacturing, and all levels of the supply chain.

To support educators and youth learning about energy in Canada, and Canada’s future as a leader in innovative energy solutions, the Great Canadian Electricity Giant Floor Map includes information about employers, stakeholders, and the current status of the electricity workforce, as well as activities that touch on industry research and actionable solutions. It also features more than 70 QR codes that allow users to instantaneously watch short video clips profiling different members of the workforce. We hope that this resource inspires you and your students to take part in powering positive change for a greener future!

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