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Trebek Initiative Grantees - Career Survey

Photo credit: Matteo Agnoloni

Please complete the form below. The staff at Can Geo Education will use your responses to build a personal/career profile of you and your work/research on our website! This website will be shared with teachers and students interested in discussing careers in geography, science, and storytelling. Our goal with this resource is to inspire students to find a career in geography that they are passionate about. By sharing the lessons learned from your career paths as geographers, scientists, and storytellers, we hope to open the diverse and interdisciplinary world of geography to a new generation of students. We believe that your experiences will help students find a passion for discovery and exploration, as well as provide them with possible paths that can be taken in order to achieve their goals. We are very excited about sharing your research and lessons learned in a new way that will benefit a great number of students all over the country!


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