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Pristine Seas Resources

Photo by: National Geographic - Molly Timmers


Pristine Seas is a mission that looks to discover some of the last wild places on Earth in order to better understand and protect these places. The goal of this discovery and understanding is to better conserve these wonderful and wild places all over the world. The Pristine Seas team has taken part in over thirty expeditions and produced dozens of films supporting the creation of new marine protected areas around the world by showcasing critical underwater ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. The team has been formed by National Geographic and includes scientists, filmmakers, and Indigenous elders from local communities that provide invaluable knowledge about the region.

Here you can find a variety of different recourses that have been made in cooperation with the National Geographic Society and can be used in your classroom!

We have a lesson plan that teaches students about GIS and has step-by-step instructions for both the educator and the student to follow along. There is also a series of infographics that provide insight into how we can protect our ocean through knowledge and understanding. Lastly, we have a StoryMap that has information all about the Pristine Seas mission and their project in Canadian waters, this StoryMap uses primary data to show just how important map making is and how much we can learn about wild and wonderful places!

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