Canadian Geographic Education


Ontario Parks

Kit includes

  • Teacher’s guide
  • Hard copies of all learning activities
  • All required materials for 15 activities (download activities below)

Map dimensions

Gym Square Size

10m (32.81’) x 10m (32.81’)

Booking Period

Special request only

Canadian Geographic Education’s Ontario Parks Giant Floor Map highlights the Ontario park system, as well as Indigenous treaty areas, highways, and urban and rural communities.

Ontario is an incredible place to live in and a stunning destination to visit. This province is home to more than a third of Canada’s population, a quarter of the world’s fresh water, millions of unique species, and countless distinct landscapes around every corner. From boreal woodlands to wetlands, the Great Lakes to historic waterways, icy tundra to warm beaches — Ontario is a place full of natural beauty, opportunities for discovery, historical sites, and cultural gems.

This map is accompanied by 15 themed learning activities, which are connected to the Ontario Social Studies and Geography Curriculum and the Canada Geography Learning Framework. These activities focus on Ontario’s unique landscape, biodiversity, history, cultural heritage, geology, science and research, ecology and much more. At the heart of each learning activity is a message for everyone who steps on the map: Get outside, into parks and green spaces, and explore this beautiful province!


*This map is available to Ontario teachers*

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