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2024 National Final Student Form

We want to get to know you! Each national finalist is required to share information about themselves. This information will be used on our website and social media channels to promote the National Final. As part of this form, a photo of yourself is required. Please make sure your photo is of good quality and that there are no hats or sunglasses being worn in the photo.

At the bottom of this form you will find a statement of ethics checkbox and a non-disclosure agreement checkbox. More information about these are found in your student information booklet that was emailed to you. By checking “yes” for each box, you are officially confirming your participation in this year’s competition. By checking “no” for one or both of these boxes, you will be forfeiting your place as a finalist.

For any questions about this form or the information we have asked you to send us, please contact Eric Nadeau, Education Program Coordinator, at [email protected].

2024 Can Geo Challenge National Final Student Form

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A bit about yourself

Statement of ethics

While participating in the 2024 National Final of the Canadian Geographic Challenge, I will abide by the rules outlined in each testing round and will participate fully, to the best of my ability, in all activities offered in this championship. *

Non-disclosure agreement

I have read and understand the non-disclosure agreement provided in the student package and understand that by participating in the National Final I am prohibited from sharing information before Friday, May 31, 2024, noon (EDT). *


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